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Can Anyone Go to A Chiropractor?

Theoretically, anyone can go to a chiropractor. There are no restrictions whatsoever. The clinics welcome everyone who walks in. However, the main point is, “when should one go to a chiropractor?”

Any sane person won’t walk into a clinic for a consultation without any ailment or disease. Therefore, the first reason is a disease or a condition that the individual wants to get treated. A chiropractor can treat the following conditions:

chiropractic back adjustment


Arthritis is the inflammation of joints resulting in unbearable pain. A chiropractor will perform spinal adjustments to reduce the pressure and bring movement to the joints. As a result, the person is relieved of constant pain and has an increased range of motion. 


Sciatica is a painful condition arising from an injury to the sciatic nerve. A chiropractor will perform the necessary adjustments to arrange the disc to its original position and relieve the pressure on the sciatic nerve. 

Muscle aches:

Muscle stiffness and aches are the most common ailments that chiropractors treat. Like all the other conditions, the experienced professional will apply adjustment techniques to treat the root cause. 

Chiropractic care is not limited to the problems mentioned above. These are some of the many conditions that can be treated with the help of chiropractic techniques.

When should you not go to a chiropractor?

Certain diseases require extra care, and any sort of spinal adjustment may aggravate the root cause. People who have osteoporosis should stay away from chiropractic care. Similarly, anyone with cancerous growth in the spinal cord is not recommended any form of spinal adjustment. Taking precautionary measures is important to enabling a healthy and happy life.

Does insurance cover chiropractic care?

Most insurance plans have started to include chiropractic care in their plans. However, it is only for acute conditions. Long-term diseases cured by chiropractic care may not be covered.


Chiropractic care is a wonderful treatment alternative for various ailments, but it’s important to understand the conditions which can be healed with the help of spinal adjustments. West Coast Chiropractic Center specializes in providing expert guidance to patients and starting their journey toward healing.

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