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Dr. Derek Rupp

Highly Rated Carlsbad Chiropractor

Dr. Derek Rupp grew up in Lancaster, CA and knew at an early age that natural health was what he believed in.

When he was in high school he was injured on the football field and his dad took him to see the family chiropractor.

After his football injury had healed, he realized that he no longer suffered from allergies or heartburn; this gave him his first experience of the power of chiropractic and what it can do. From that point on he wanted to learn more about chiropractic.

“I knew I wanted to help people live a healthier, happier and longer life, and the best way I felt I could achieve that was to become a Chiropractor.”

CBP Chiropractor & Other Certifications

Dr. Rupp is a 1996 graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles. Dr. Rupp uses the following chiropractic techniques; the Palmer method, Webster technique certified, Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP), Activator, and Gonstead.

Dr. Rupp has been treating patients in the Carlsbad, since 1996. He loves the family atmosphere of his office. His favorite time of the day is after school when many children come to the office to get adjusted. Many of our patients get to know each other and enjoy sharing the benefits of chiropractic with their loved ones.

Dr. Rupp enjoys the outdoors and focuses on doing things as a family. One of his favorite hobbies is camping in the desert and taking off on long dirt bike rides with his family. When he is not riding dirt bikes he is enjoying the surf, the mountains and rock climbing, or just running down the coast training for his next triathlon.

Dr Derek Rupp, Carlsbad Chiropractor CBP Certified
Dr. Derek Rupp, Carlsbad, California Chiropractor
Dr. Katelyn Rupp, Chiropractor

Dr. Katelyn Rupp


Meet Dr. Katelyn Rupp, a proud San Diego native from Carlsbad, CA, with a lifelong passion for chiropractic care. Inspired by her father, Dr. Derek Rupp, she embarked on a journey to become a chiropractor from an early age. Dr. Katelyn’s chiropractic journey starts on the day she was born when Dr. Derek Rupp performed her first adjustment at only 8 minutes old, giving her the ability to take her first breath. She has worked her whole life to become a chiropractor so she could help people in the best way she knew how, with Chiropractic Care.

Determined to make a difference through chiropractic care, Dr. Katelyn graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in 2023. During her training, Dr. Katelyn dedicated herself to service, participating in two impactful trips to Mexico City. During her service in Mexico City, she provided adjustments and improved the lives of over 800 individuals. Proficient in techniques such as Diversified, Gonstead, and Activator, Dr. Katelyn brings a holistic approach to the practice.

Dr. Katelyn started her journey at West Coast Chiropractic Center as a receptionist in 2014. She pursued her dream of becoming a chiropractor in 2020 and returned to West Coast Chiropractic Center for her internship in 2022. She enjoys treating families and children of all ages, finding joy in the smiles of her young patients as they receive care.

Outside of her practice, Dr. Katelyn cherishes moments with her family and friends, whether it involves camping in the desert, enjoying country concerts, or exploring the magic of Disneyland. Join Dr. Katelyn Rupp on the path to wellness and discover the transformative power of chiropractic care.

Dr. Steven Hewitt


Dr. Steven Hewitt, DC has been providing the highest quality of chiropractic healthcare to his patients since he began his coursework at Life Chiropractic College West in the San Francisco Bay Area. After graduating and getting licensed in 2011, Dr. Hewitt has worked as a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic in multiple practices throughout California and is skilled in many different chiropractic techniques. Dr. Hewitt has adjusted hundreds of thousands of patients with the sole purpose of removing interference from the nervous system and facilitating the body’s ability to heal from within.

Prior to attending Life Chiropractic College West, Dr. Hewitt earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Arizona in 2001. He firmly believes there is an inseparable mind-body connection that communicates through the nervous system which can maintain wellness or become a cause for physical illness. Dr. Hewitt has had an interest in chiropractic healthcare ever since receiving his first adjustment at age 11. The intrigue of the profession continued to compound after witnessing the positive result the chiropractic adjustment had on his younger sister when she was just 2 years old and other members of his family.

Dr. Hewitt joined the West Coast Chiropractic Center team in September 2021. When he isn’t improving the spinal health of the local community, Dr. Steve, as he is known in the office, enjoys playing basketball, football, beach activities, attending concerts, traveling, cooking, movies, and trivia. He grew up in Mission Viejo, CA, and is proud to be a true SoCal native.

Dr.Steven Hewitt, Chiropractor
Mary, Office Manager


Office Manager

Mary’s roots trace back to New Jersey, but she found her lasting home in Oceanside, CA, with her husband. For the past 19 years, Mary has played an integral role at West Coast Chiropractic Center, serving as the backbone of the office. Her unwavering commitment to promoting health and well-adjusted spines has been a daily mission for her. Outside of work, Mary finds joy in precious moments spent with her husband, daughters, and grandchildren.


Chiropractic Assistant

Krissy was raised in Murrieta, CA, moving to Oceanside in 2021 with her husband to be “closer to the beach”. Prior to joining us, she worked as a barista at Lofty Coffee, developing friendships and leaving a mark on people’s lives with her radiant smile. However, her passion for healthcare, ignited by her own remarkable experience as a chiropractic patient here at West Coast Chiropractic Center, led her to our front desk. In her free time, Krissy enjoys time with her husband, her cats, and her puppy.

Krissy, Chiropractic Assistant

What Sets Us Apart

Dr. Rupp doing a chiropractic back adjustment in carlsbad
Over the past 26+ years, Dr. Rupp has developed a style of chiropractic that is like no other. He uses a “whole person approach”. This approach is a combination of detecting underlying interferences which may inhibit the body’s natural ability to heal itself along with the inspiration, knowledge and support for patients to achieve better health through better living. West Coast Chiropractic Center is dedicated to helping the people of Carlsbad, Oceanside, Vista and San Marcos lower their risk of lifestyle related chronic conditions. We achieve this through lifestyle education. Teaching our patients the importance of eating properly, exercising regularly, sleeping well and having a well balanced nervous system. Dr. Rupp’s training at West Coast Chiropractic Center is focused on accurately providing you with the proper care recommendations for you to reach your personal health goals. His recommendations may include primary care, referral to another wellness specialists (when necessary) and recommendations for lifestyle changes that offer affordable and convenient solutions that work. The techniques Dr. Rupp uses get results. The physical changes that will occur to your spine are remarkable. Instead of just adjusting your spine, he focuses on making lasting changes to your spine. The results our patients experience are amazing. Please take the time to look at our PATIENT REVIEWS page.