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Numbness and Tingling Chiropractic Treatments

Treat Numbness and Tingling With Chiropractic

Tingling, itching, and numbness in extremities in the body, specifically arms, fingers, feet, and legs, result from temporary paresthesia. This sensation, especially the tingling, feels like needles and pins prickling your skin without warning. One can feel it in short waves or for a longer duration. This sensation is also known as radiculopathy. Paresthesia causes discomfort and unease to the point that it can create disturbance in daily life tasks.


What Causes Numbness and Tingling?

Tingling and numbness are felt in the legs and feet from daily activities such as standing or sitting in one position or crossed legs. Similarly, in the arms, if you sleep for a longer duration on it. When pressure is applied constantly in any area, and when it is released, tingling and numbness are experienced.

If this tingling and numbness are persistent in their episodes, it is seen as a sign of a medical issue or injury. It is usually called enlarged blood vessels, carpal tunnel syndrome, pressure on nerves or restricted blood flow to extremities due to pinched nerves.  This is when it is important for the person experiencing this to consult a chiropractor.

How does Chiropractic Care Treat Numbness and Tingling?

A chiropractor is consulted because the nervous system is their command area, and nerves are their primary focus. And since these sensations are nerve related, a chiropractor should be the one to fix nerve-related misalignments. A chiropractor can disseminate the pain and discomfort by opting for two treatment methods. Their first line of action is a natural, non-surgical procedure. They will conduct a physical examination to deduce the cause.

There is precedence for relief from paresthesia, numbness, and tingling in patients through a chiropractor.  A 24-year-old woman who experienced it for 2 years was cured in a week under the treatment of a chiropractor only. This precedence supports why a chiropractor is to be consulted for numbness and tingling.


Visiting a chiropractor for chronic numbness and tingling can turn into a wise decision. West Coast Chiropractic Center has professionals that are specialized in treating such conditions.

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